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The CareReserve® Solution

The CareReserve® Solution allows hospitals, skilled nursing and rehab facilities, home healthcare agencies, hospice agencies and assisted living facilities to dramatically increase their operational efficiencies and productivity levels.

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Real-Time viewing of exact care availabilities between all healthcare providers on the platform
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Minimizes back and forth phone calls and faxes between healthcare providers
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Healthcare providers can customize their portal to exacting specifications of a facility, agency, and community
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Immediate notifications, including to smartphones
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Encrypted, SECURE technology HIPAA compliant

The Power of Digitalizing Healthcare

See how leading healthcare providers take advantage of digitalization in their institutions.

Program Benefits

By becoming a CareReserve® client, your organization can now qualify for credits with CareRise®’s other product solutions.

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CareRise®’s patented risk management program provides RN/registered nurse consulting support on-site throughout the year – through its monthly, quarterly, or custom designed programs.

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Unlike the main rating system which is based on 1-on-site survey each year (and some other self-administered data), CRI allows a healthcare facility to ‘get rated’ on-site up to four times each year, if desired.

Enroll Your Organization

We would be honored to have you as a client and on our platform, connecting your organization to all other key providers in your network. We provide services to hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home healthcare agencies, hospice agencies, and assisted living facilities.